When it comes to shopping for laptops, it can be a bit of a headache. There are numerous Tablets with different specs and for different usages that we get confused on which Tablet to purchase. Tablets are the popular devices these days. These devices are perfect for reading, keeping up with social media, surfing the internet and more. Here, we’ll take you through the world of Tablets, and lessen that burden of finding the perfect Tablet that will suit your needs.



Tablets are entertainment personified. They are stellar devices for watching Tv shows, skits, movies, listening to music and surfing the internet. You can always stream videos online directly to your device. A Tablet is the perfect size to enjoy your favourite entertainment just about anywhere. They are great for staying in touch with family and friends and very good for keeping boredom away. You can download apps and programs that you like and peruse them whenever you feel bored, anywhere and at anytime. Whether you are playing a Mass Effect game, or watching Inception, a Tablet will give you the best viewing experience.

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If you are a gamer, then it is better for you to pick out a gaming tablet rather than an everyday tablet. When it comes to playing games, not all tablets are created equally. This is especially true when you are playing games full of high graphics and fast action such as Modern Combat 4, Grand Theft Auto or Mass Effect which is a lot more demanding than games like Temple Run or Candy Crush. Here are some recommendations for gaming tablets:

  • Apple iPad Air
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
  • Sony Xperia Z2
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
  • EVGA Tegra Note
  • Google Nexus 7
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Tablets are great productivity drivers. In work places, Tablets can be used to produce efficient analytical results and help make better decisions. You can get top information at your workplace at your fingertips. For instance, whereas supervisors used to sit in control rooms watching monitoring equipment, they can now use a tablet to carry that information wherever they want. Also, maintenance workers use Tablets to consult with one another about repairs, and field workers use the devices’ photo and geolocation tools to document their work. You can load work documents over a USB connection, or if the tablet is equipped with an SD card slot, copy them onto a SD memory card. You can also store your files in the cloud using Cloud storage services such as Dropbox. With a Tablet, work could not get any better.

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As a student, you can use your tablet to take notes, make research online, share files with your friends, download books, create presentations, organize tutorials online, work on your assignments and so much more. In recent times, most students make use of tablets in jotting down notes instead of carrying around voluminous books and heavy bags.

Everyday Use: You can use tablets for your everyday use such as setting reminders, alarms, reading e-books, surfing the internet, viewing your gallery, listening to music, watching movies and so much more. You can never get bored when you have a tablet. If you need an everyday use tablet, you don’t need to purchase a high-budget tablet, just go for a cheaper one and it’ll suit your everyday needs.

Graphics: Just as there are special tablets for high graphic games, so also there are special tablets for graphics. Professional graphic designers prefer special types of tablets referred to as Graphic Tablets for their work. Graphic Tablets also known as Drawing Tablets, Digital Drawing Tablet or Digital Art Boards are similar to pen and paper where digital pens or stylus are used to draw on the tablet to create graphics, artworks, comic strips and more. Graphic Tablets are commonly used in the artistic world. Graphic Tablets are available in various sizes and price ranges – A6 sized tablets being relatively inexpensive and A3 sized tablets being far more expensive. Below are some recommended graphic tablets you may like:

  • Wacom Graphic Tablets.
  • GT-Series Graphic Tablets from Huion.
  • Hitachi Starboard.
  • SenTIP Graphic Tablets from Hanvon.
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Android is an Operating System under Google that is designed primarily for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The Android OS with its food-inspired versions such as KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and more offers an ever-improving interface and a ton of customization options. Movies, Tv shows, magazines and games have seen vast improvements in both the quantity and quality of selections. The Android OS affords its users the opportunity of customization at any time. Apple IOS: Since the inception of the first iPhone, the Apple iOs has always been the software powering the mobile and tablet devices. It is very simple to use, user-friendly and fun. It offers you the latest apps on your tablet and frequent upgrades and updates on how to improve your tablet.


Windows operating systems works great on tablets, laptops, desktops as well as hybrids. When you use a Windows OS, you can get softwares and software updates from just about anywhere. You also have access to a wide variety of apps, games, movies, videos, music and more. The newest version of Windows – Windows 10 offers several concessions to tablet users, such as large, touch-friendly window controls and buttons, and various screen touch-screen gestures. They offer familiar programs such as Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher and more which are great for work.

Amazon Fire OS

The Amazon Fire Operating System runs only on Amazon Fire devices such as its Fire Phone, Kindle Fire range of Tablets and more. It is an Android -based mobile operating system produced by Amazon for its Fire products. Its custom interface sorts your content by category, and it has the deepest support for e-books of any tablet.

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Apple iOS

Apple iPads are the most popular and tablets in the market due to its stellar performance and comfortability. Apple iPads have grown tremendously over the years and you’ll definitely find numerous entertaining stuff to do on your iPad. Apple iPad has three models of tablets: the iPad Air, the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini. It is linked with Apple’s App store which grants you access to their huge selection of apps for the iPad, plus an extensive selection of music, books and movies. Apple users can also access their iTunes, calendar and contacts on their iPad, and synchronize with their phone and Apple TV. Apple also offers its iPad users with Siri voice-activated assistant to help you in navigating your browser and operating system.

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Samsung tablets are one of the most expensive and quality tablets which puts it in a very strong competition with Apple products. Samsung has the widest variety of tablets available, with prices ranging from low to high and sizes small to large. They also have one of the clearest and sharp cameras you can hardly find in other tablets. Samsung tablets allow its users to watch movies, listen to movies, synchronize contacts and media with their smart TV and also have access to numerous amazing smart gestures. Using Smart Recode, users will also be able to control their Samsung TV directly from their tablets.

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When it comes to Lenovo tablets, there are numerous options to pick from. Features and specifications differ from model to model and deliver varying levels of power and functionality. There are tools that conform to you, such as voice and gesture controls that allow touch free operation. They have been thoroughly tested to meet rigorous reliability standards. Furthermore, it affords its users solutions for nearly all computing needs for nearly all budgets, so you don’t have to worry about getting a quality tablet at a cost-effective price.

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Microsoft tablets can perform multiple functions. They can retrieve files from Microsoft Office and synchronize contacts, music and more across their Windows tablet, phone and PC. Microsoft offers its users with different models of tablets which each in their own, have their superb qualities. Microsoft never ceases to amaze its customers with well-defined and sturdy tablets capable of performing multiple astounding features.

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Amazon tablets have four common operating systems: Fire OS, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Google Android. The screen size of Amazon tablets are measures in inches, diagonally from corner to corner which gives you a good indication of how big your tablet will be. Amazon tablets allow users to separate profiles for each individual, and see character, artist or other content with X-Ray for music, movies and TV. Amazon Tablets offer its buyers with a two-free year warranty.

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This is one question prospective tablet buyers tend to ask before making a purchase for a particular type of tablet. We’ll give you some of the reasons why you should purchase a tablet.

Surfing the Web

This is one of the major, if not the major reasons why people buy tablets. Surfing the internet on your tablet is much better than carrying your heavy laptop around surfing the internet or surfing the internet on your desktop at home. With your tablet, you can surf the internet anywhere and at anytime. With a tablet, surfing the internet has never been better. You can check your emails, chat on all social media sites, look around for interesting articles, download stuff interesting to you and many more.

Boosts your productivity immensely

If you want to increase your productivity, a tablet will definitely make it a lot easier. With your tab, you can perform analytical calculations, take notes of a meeting or a class, check emails, set a reminder for certain meetings and activities, manage schedules, create a PowerPoint presentation, create and share documents, download productivity apps and so much more. The fact that it is not tied to a desk makes it easier and comfortable for you because you can go with it everywhere and do anything you want to do on it at any time.

Great Travelling Companion

Sometimes, travelling could be so boring especially when you don’t have any gadget to keep you busy. With a tablet, you have something to keep you occupied during the trip. You could play games, watch movies, utilize apps or use it as a map. With so many variants of tablets available, finding a good one to slip into your bag, pocket or purse is not a problem. So then, while on the flight or in a car, you can travel happily knowing that your trip would be most exciting with your tablet by your side.


Tablets are comparatively lightweight and easy to carry around. Some of them may be heavy for you to carry on your hand, so you can always use them on your lap or on a surface. You can always reach for your tablet anywhere and at any time which is easier than getting up, going to your desk and booting your computer. With your tablet beside you, you have access to everything and anything unlike desktops where if not present with you, you are unable to do anything.


Most tablets are designed to multitask – they are created to perform the functions of a phone and the features of a laptop or a desktop. Most tablets can send and receive calls, they can send messages, they can create PowerPoint presentations, they can create and share documents, they can be connected to the printer and more. You can also open multiple applications at once, access apps from a sliding toolbar, move or resize windows, use apps in full screen mode, minimize apps and more.

Numerous Options

There are different varieties of tablets, and they come in different shapes, sizes and prices. You can purchase a tablet depending on your need. For instance, if you need an everyday use tablet, you can purchase tablets with smaller screens such as 7 or 8, and they are cheaper too, and if you want a business tablet, you can purchase a tablet with a larger screen and faster processor, of course, these types of tablets are more expensive than the smaller ones. But whichever you buy, be rest assured that it is worth your money.


One of the amazing things about tablets is that you have a kind of marketplace or store where you can purchase additional apps you want on your device to give your device the boost that it needs. Are you a social media person? Grab on to your device and download some really cool social media apps to stay in touch with your friends and family everytime. Love taking pictures? Download the coolest and amazing picture apps to make you feel like a star. Also, you can customize your tablet anyhow you want it, and downloading and installation couldn’t be any easier.

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A tablet’s screen size and quality is unarguably one of the important features in a tablet or any other device. The screen’s resolution and panel type determines its viewing angles, sharpness, brightness, vibrancy and color accuracy. The higher the resolution of the screens, the sharper the images look on the screen.

7 inches

These types of screens are small in size. They are great for doing little things on your tablet such as playing games or using the social media. Just a bit larger than the average smartphone, these tablets are small enough to fit into your pockets.

8 inches

These types of screens are very portable, usually fit more easily into purses and small bags, and are a great size for reading books.

9 inches

Most categories of tablets fall into these screen size. They are bigger than the 7 and 8 inches’ screen and have a faster processor. They also provide a better viewing experience that isn’t quite matched on smaller tablets. They are also very good for playing games.

10 inches and above

These are larger sizes of screens and they offer great viewing experience, faster processors, huge business productivity, and better resolutions for watching movies and videos, viewing web pages, playing games and provides plenty of screen space for typing documents. Tablets in the 10-inches range such as the iPad Air 2 provides a good balance between productivity and portability. Larger inches tablets such as Microsoft’ s 12-inches surface Pro 3 or the 12.9 inches iPad Pro or the gigantic 18.5 inches Samsung’s Galaxy view tablet are very sturdy, and provide the best experience of everything you want done on your tablet.

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The Memory of Tablets varies from one tablet to another. The more advanced tablet and expensive tablet you buy, the more memory you get. On most tablets, you’ll get a memory range of about 1GB to 4GB of memory. Be reminded that the memory of a tablet cannot be upgradable, so before you purchase a tablet, put into consideration the tablet memory that will be sufficient for you.
Processors: It is pivotal to put this into consideration because processors have a huge impact on the speed of your tablet and its ability to handle multiple tasks. Samsung’s Exynos chips and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors are the most common processors. The processor also determines the performance and battery life of the tablet. The higher the processor speed, the better the Tablet. This feature is very important when you are thinking of buying of buying a gaming laptop.

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The importance of battery life in tablets cannot be overemphasized. Most tablet users always want to make sure their tablets can perform tasks within a long-time frame. Since many people use their tablets a lot throughout the day, the battery life is a pretty vital feature. Some tablets have longer battery life than others, so you should look out for this feature when you want a tablet.

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Storage Space

One other major thing to consider is the storage space of the tablet. All tablets use solid state storage because of its ability to use very little power, take less space and higher durability. The downside is that it has limited space, so sometimes, you’ll have to slot in an external storage. Storage space also differs from one tablet to another. Some tablets may have a storage space of 8, or 16GB, which may be a little constraining for your needs, so you’ll probably have to look out for a tablet with a higher storage space such as a 32GB or 64GB storage space. If you want to use your tablet for high usage, it is advisable to get a tablet with a high storage space to store all your games, videos, files and more.

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Size and weight

Tablets are designed to be mobile - to be carried around whenever you want to, and because of this, the size and weight is something you should take into consideration when you want to buy a tablet. If you want something you can carry around most of the time, then a lighter tablet is best, but if you want something you can carry probably when you’re getting home from work or travelling, then you can go for a less light tablet. Purchase a tablet you know you’ll be able to carry around without your hands growing tired.

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In recent times, the rapid use of smart devices among kids is becoming an increasing phenomenon. Tablets for kids are colorful and have protective bumpers and rugged designs to withstand active users. They also have a limited user and interface that allows you to easily restrict contents for suitability. As a parent or a guardian, you can purchase a tablet for your kid without being perturbed about the content on the tablet as most, if not all kids’ Tablets have comprehensive and robust parental controls. In choosing a Tablet for kids, consider your priorities. If you want to limit the type of content your children can access, look for parental controls like app approval or blocking, time controls that set limits on the amount of playtime, and Web browsers for kids that filter access to the internet. These tablets have varieties of educational and fun materials kids have access to and they are also kid-friendly.

Below are some recommended kid-Tablets that you can get for your kids:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite
  • Amazon Fire Kids Edition
  • Verizon GizmoTab
  • LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum
  • Fuhu Nabi DreamTab
  • Kurio Extreme 2
  • Dragon Touch Y88X
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They are software programs that run on your tablet. Some of them are system apps while others are downloaded apps.


This means Operating System. They are softwares running on your tablet and they have different versions. For instance, iOS, Windows 10, Android.


Meaning Random Access Memory. It is a memory device in which information can be stored and accessed. It also enables you switch in and out of apps kore quickly. The higher the RAM, the better the multitasking ability of the tablet.


Wireless Local Area Network. It is a local area network that uses high frequency radio waves rather than wires to connect or link two or more devices.


This refers to how sharp the screen is as a measure of the pixels. The higher the resolution of a device, the sharper the screen. Processor: this dictates the hardware that runs on the tablet and executes a program. It encompasses the hardware and software.

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