Seller Protection

Claims and chargebacks

For most sellers, guarantee claims and service chargebacks are a rare occurrence. However, as a seller, you can take some steps to help protect yourself against these.

Steps to take as a seller to protect yourself against

Answer customer e-mail messages as part of the messaging on the guarantee claim form, Techmall repeatedly stresses to the buyer to try and work through any issues with their seller. We find that some of the claims filed against otherwise good-performing sellers have to do with sellers failing to respond to customer e-mails in a reasonable timeframe.

Proactive refunding You can avoid a claim by promptly investigating a contact from a buyer and, when appropriate, refunding the customer for the order. If the problem is handled this way, the buyer is less likely to file a claim against you.

Accurate product descriptions and images. This eliminates misunderstandings over what the customer is actually expecting to receive. All offers must be matched against the correct product. It is not sufficient to list against a different edition or product and try to explain this within the item description. Sellers will be responsible for claims if their listing is listed incorrectly, regardless of seller comments.

Conscientious shipping. Careful packaging, trackable ship methods, and signature-required methods can prevent many claims for damaged items and non-receipt. The requirement to provide valid tracking numbers for 95% of your Nigerian shipments as well as shipping only to the address provided by Techmall will also help to limit your liability.

Keep the customer informed. Though we handle order and shipping notifications, we encourage you to work directly with buyers to resolve their questions and concerns about products and orders.

Promptly cancel any out-of-stock orders. You should e-mail your buyer to let them know what occurred so they are not waiting for a package, and cancel the order if you haven't already done so.

The chances of an account being debited usually decrease when you list your items correctly, ship your orders on time, and proceed with your transactions.

If you follow the Techmall Marketplace Community Rules when listing, selling, and shipping your item, and you can document the shipment and know that the buyer received the correct item, Techmall doesn't usually hold you responsible for the reimbursement of the claim.

When appropriate, Techmall will review all relevant details associated with the Guarantee claim for both the you and buyer involved in the claim. This may include, but is not limited to, account history, comments regarding Guarantee claim, shipping and tracking information, and other relevant details.

Best Practices
Whether you're a low- or high-volume seller, we want you to succeed. It's important that you are able to focus on growing your business and not have to worry about the mechanics of selling. In light of this, we've created these useful insights for you that are used by our most successful sellers. If you are a Professional seller, you have access to volume listing tools, frequent-seller programs, subscription selling rates, downloadable inventory reports, and many other features. When relevant, we've highlighted additional information for you.

If you're serious about selling, we're serious about helping you.

Finding Answers Quickly

Listing Items and Inventory Management

Order Management


Listing Items and Inventory Management

Update your online inventory daily to avoid stock-outs that may occur when a buyer purchases an item from you, but you no longer have that item on hand. Making updates is especially important if the inventory you are selling on the Marketplace is also for sale through other vendors.

Before pricing your items, research prices for comparable products on Techmall Marketplace and make adjustments if necessary.

If an item has been listed for more than 30 days and has not been sold, check your pricing to make sure that it is competitive and make changes if necessary.

The Listings Status feature may take up to 36 hours to remove your listings and another 36 hours to restore them. During this period, listings cannot be modified or deleted. Because of this, we suggest not using this feature to remove your listings from the site.

Additional Information for Professional Sellers

Break large Inventory Loader files into batches with fewer than 25,000 listings or file sizes smaller than 10 MB.

It is best not to submit the same Inventory Loader file more than once. You might experience a slight processing delay during peak times, but our systems will still process files in the order we received them.

After your file finishes processing, be sure to review the error log to determine why some of your listings may not have loaded.

Order Management

Check your Manage Your Orders section regularly for important updates on your sales, rather than relying exclusively on e-mail notifications. You can access order information through your Seller Account.

Provide high-quality customer service, which includes handling refunds and returns in a timely manner. Cancel or refund an order within 48 hours that you are unable to fill. Issue refunds for returns within five business days of receipt.

Use dispute resolution platform only as a last resort when resolving matters with buyers. Multiple guarantee claims are an indication of seller performance problems.

Additional Information about Returns for Materially Different, Defective, or Damaged Items

As a seller on Techmall, you are responsible for managing the returns process for defective, or damaged items, including providing buyers with a way to make the return and processing the refund for the return. Failure to manage the return may result in a debit to your Payments account if the buyer is refunded pursuant to a dispute resolution claim, even if the item is not returned to you. You may also be held responsible if no response is received from you on a dispute resolution claim, or for declining to handle a return request that falls within required return policies.


Always ship your items within two business days of order notification. This is a requirement!

Include a packing slip with your item. You can print it from your Seller Account or create your own. Don't forget to include your return address. Please also review our shipping guidelines carefully.

To understand shipping rates, visit our Shipping Guidelines page.

Include a note with your package with your contact information and encourage your buyer to leave you feedback at

For additional help with this topic, visit our Help center for Fulfillment, Getting Paid, and Feedback.

How sellers can reduce the risk of a dispute resolution Guarantee claim

There are three simple ways to mitigate the risk of dispute resolution claim for item not received:

Ship promptly to ensure reliable delivery.

Ship with tracking information and provide this information to the buyer.

Ship higher priced items with signature confirmation tracking and/or insurance.

You can review the pertinent section your agreement with us for additional details


Change your password regularly. Don't use the same password that you use for other online accounts.

Set up Two-Step Verification for all of your Techmall accounts.

Consider setting up a separate bank account for disbursements from Techmall Payments.

Techmall never asks you to verify sensitive information via e-mail. Submit such information only when completing an order on our website, registering to sell on Techmall, updating account information in Seller Central, or contacting us directly through our online forms.

Review the terms of our online Privacy Notice and our other Privacy & Security resources.

If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of an e-mail, visit our site directly by typing the address into your browser bar, rather than clicking any links.