What is Techmall Affiliate Program?

The Techmall Affiliate Program is an amazing way for you to earn commissions by placing banner ads or text links on your website to refer customers to ‘’. You can earn up to 4% every time a customer follows a ‘’ link on your Web site and completes a qualifying purchase at

How does it work?

Being a Techmall business affiliate is easy. We provide you with professionally designed banners and a set of useful text links every week in our newsletter. We also provide you access to archived banners and newsletters for a wide selection of items to place on your site. In addition, you can generate specific text links to anything on Simply Refer visitors from your website to using a host of professionally designed tools (e.g. banners and/or text links). You earn money whenever visitors follow the links from your website, to and then complete a qualifying purchase(s). With the range of options that the Affiliate program arms you with, you will find multiple avenues to link up your website with Add rich customized content to spruce up and add value to your website. The low-risk, high-reward environment for both parties makes for an offer that you cannot let go of.

Still not clear?

You can promote Techmall products via search engines, social media networks, BBM Broadcasts, Paid Advertising, postings in forums, Offline sales or simply email to all your friends and people you know with your affiliate link attached to our product.

If you have your own website, simply talk to your visitors in real time using live chat software on your website and send them your affiliate links through chat. All you need to do is to send a visitor to via a special link (called ‘affiliate link’), and if he or she buys anything from us, you will get paid.

How much do i have to pay to join the program?

Nothing! It is absolutely free! There are no costs involved in joining or being a part of the Techmall Affiliate Program except your desire to be an affiliate. Once you are approved, you can get started right away!

How much can i earn?

As an Affiliate, you can earn up to 4% on each eligible sale when a customer connects directly from a Techmall link on your website and completes a qualifying purchase at

Click here to check out our commission rates.

Additionally, we occasionally hold sales contests and other opportunities throughout the year for more opportunities to earn commissions.

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on monthly net sales, and do not include returns, sales tax or shipping and handling.

How to Sign Up For Techmall Affiliate Program?

If you have a website, blog, social page or an audience you think you can monetize with and you looking for the right way to do this. The Techmall Affiliate Program is a good way to enjoy some money-making opportunities. With this program, you can use links of any item on and share it with friends, families or your blog readers and get commission when someone clicks the link or makes a purchase.

The program offers many advantages and is very easy to use. While earning substantial income will take time, work and patience, it’s worth checking out the program

1. To apply for the Techmall Affiliate Program, you need to visit, then click on the sign up button at the top right corner of the page.

2. Once you click on the sign up button, you will be redirected to the affiliate registration page, where you will need to input your details.

The first section is the Personal Information area.

Here you need to provide your email address (This will be your username) and your First name, last name then you choose any ID of your choice. This ID will be the ID that will be attached to your unique affiliate ID which will enable us track your sale. So you should make it easy to remember for you to share

The Second section is the Additional Information area

Here what you need to provide is your website URL. If you do not have a website, you can ignore this section, then move to the address, fill in your address, type in your phone number, then select the type of website/blog you have. If you do not have a website, you can choose, Facebook or twitter if you have any one, or choose others. Then in the last section which is the Promotional channel, Here you can specify which other channels you will be using to promote your link, if you are going to be promoting through email newsletters, or through PPC ads, or Pop ads, you can specify that here.

The last section is the Terms & condition section

Here what you need is to read the terms & conditions carefully, click the box, then submit your application. Once your application is submitted and you have been approved for the program, you will get a mail with your account details to log into the program as well as instructions on how to use the program

How do I keep track of my sales and commissions?

You can keep track of your sales and commissions using the LinkShare interface, you can access daily reports that provide information on impressions, click-throughs, orders, sales and commissions earned.

How does Techmall track Sales / Referrals

The affiliate program is powered by a leading affiliate tracking software. The Affiliate Software uses combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places cookie on his or her computer and tracks the customer for 14 days.

When the visitor pays for the product, affiliate system checks for cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits your account with up to 4% of the purchase value.

This process is absolutely automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

Do I get referral fees on all purchases made by the user?

For a product sale to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must click-through a Special Link on your site to the Techmall Site and during a single session, add the Product to his or her shopping cart, and make purchase.

The session begins when the customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Techmall Site and ends upon the first to occur of the following events:

24 hours elapse from the customer's initial click-through

The customer places an order for a product

The customer follows a third party link to the Techmall Site that is formatted with an Associates tag

We will only pay referral fees on eligible products after order, payment, and shipping.

What happens if a customer I referred returns a product?

What is included in the affiliate membership?

You’ll receive a weekly newsletter with banners, links and information about great products to feature on your site. You’ll also receive access to the Affiliate Member Center, where you can get more banners, generate links and get data feeds to further customize your referrals to your visitors. You’ll also have the support of the Affiliate account team members, and all the great tools our partner LinkShare provides. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the most out of the program.

Is my website eligible?

We review each application carefully and determine eligibility at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject or remove sites at any time, for any reason. To learn more about the criteria we use in evaluating potential affiliates, please read the affiliate agreement located here.

What kind of links are availble to use for my website?

Once approved as an affiliate, you'll have access to a variety of links to feature on your website. The types of links include multiple sizes of banners and buttons, text links to department, category and item pages, as well as Dynamic Rich Media links.

Can I promote through pay-per-click Ads?

Definitely YES!

You can promote us through pay-per-click search engines. In fact, this type of promotion becomes increasingly popular and we are aware of several affiliates promoting our products in this way and making a very good profit.

Why Was My Affiliate Application Rejected?

There are few reasons why this may happen. Below are some of the most common reasons why your application might have been rejected and the next steps you should follow.

There was a problem with my contact details or name

Please sign up with your real name and contact details then re-submit your application.

There was a problem with my contact details or name

Ensure that your website complies with our policies, keeping in mind that we may review all pages where you implement ad code, not just the URL you specified in the sign-up form. After you have adjusted the content of your website, you can resubmit your application.

Who can I contact for more information or help?

You can contact us at [email protected] for any queries about the program. It usually takes between 48-72 hours for us to respond. Please note that we are unable to provide technical support.