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    Microsoft Surface Pro - FJT-00001
    Special Price ₦335,000.00 List Price ₦357,000.00
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When a laptop is too bulky and a phone is too small to meet your needs, a tablet would definitely solve


Tablets are entertainment personified. They are stellar devices for watching TV shows, skits, movies, listening to music and surfing the internet. They are great for staying in touch with family and friends and very good for keeping boredom away. You can download apps and programs that you like and peruse, anywhere and at any time. Whether you are playing a Mass Effect game, or watching a movie, a Tablet will give you the best viewing experience.


Tablets are great productivity drivers. In work places, Tablets can be used to produce efficient analytical results and help make better decisions. Maintenance workers use Tablets to consult with one another about repairs, and field workers use the devices’ photo and geolocation tools to document their work. You can load work documents over a USB connection, or if the tablet is equipped with an SD card slot, copy them onto a SD memory card. You can also store your files in the cloud using Cloud storage services such as Dropbox. With a Tablet, work could not get any better.


If you are a gamer, then it is better for you to pick out a gaming tablet rather than an everyday tablet. When it comes to playing games, not all tablets are created equally. This is especially true when you are playing games full of high graphics and fast action which is a lot more demanding than games like Temple Run or Candy Crush.


As a student, you can use your tablet to take notes, make research online, share files with your friends, download books, create presentations, organize tutorials online, work on your assignments and so much more. In recent times, most students make use of tablets in jotting down notes instead of carrying around voluminous books and heavy bags.

Everyday Use:

You can use tablets for your everyday use such as setting reminders, alarms, reading e-books, surfing the internet, viewing your gallery, listening to music, watching movies and so much more. You can never get bored when you have a tablet.


Just as there are special tablets for high graphic games, so also there are special tablets for graphics. Professional graphic designers prefer special types of tablets referred to as Graphic Tablets for their work. Graphic Tablets also known as Drawing Tablets, Digital Drawing Tablet or Digital Art Boards are similar to pen and paper where digital pens or stylus are used to draw on the tablet to create graphics, artworks, comic strips and more. Graphic Tablets are available in various sizes and price ranges – A6 sized tablets being relatively inexpensive and A3 sized tablets being far more expensive.