LG Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine - WM 10C3L

LG Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine - WM 10C3L

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  • Front Loader Washing Machine Type
  • Direct drive motor type with intelligent washing system
  • 5kg wash capacity with 1000rpm variable spin speed
  • Start/Pause Indicator, Door Lock Indicator, Error Message Indicator, Error Message Alarm

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The LG Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine washing WM 10C3L has a cleaning mechanism that effectively tumbles, scrubs, rolls and step the clothing item it is washing. This leaves your clothes clean, wrinkle free and without odor. The LG washing machine uses little amount of water to wash; the advantage of the low water consumption is that you won't need to pump water frequently, thus keeping your energy consumption as low as possible.

This front loader washing machine doesn't just wash your cloth, it takes care of your fabric by giving it a gentle wash that will make it last longer. It can also be used to wash babies clothing as well. Your home is not complete without this home appliance from LG. It has special functions like LED display, child lock and tub clean.

LG’s Inverter Direct Drive Motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. Lesser mechanical parts ensures less energy dissipation which enhances the washing performance, ensures low noise & vibration, more durability and energy saving.

LG's Smart Diagnosis is a fast and easy way to troubleshoot issues without having to call a technician. Simply call the LG Customer Service Helpline and place the phone on the appliance. The appliance then communicates with a computer that diagnoses the issue within seconds and provides an immediate solution.

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