Genus 500w/12V Solar PCU Inverter - SIL10737

Genus 500w/12V Solar PCU Inverter - SIL10737

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  • Part no: SIL10737
  • LCD display
  • Delivers noise free performance
  • Great Power Saving, Intelligent Control Circuit
  • Maximum Protection to your equipment

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7 days product return (see policy)

Energy Saver
It senses the availability of solar power, grid power and gives charging preference to the solar power and switches to the grid power only when the solar power is unavailable or during nights.

Durable in All Conditions
Proton Q can endure rough weather, work perfect in low or high voltage conditions, to run all appliances, from small domestic or commercial ones to large ones in factories.

Solar First
Surja Solar PCU always gives preference to solar power while charging the battery or serving the load hence optimizes the use of Solar power and reduces the dependency on electricity from Grid

Advanced DSP Technology
The advanced DSP technology with futuristic design enabling it to provide purest form of power ensuring total safety of your appliances and efficiency at the same time.

Efficient Charge Controller
In-built 30 amp Solar Charge Controller based on PWM technology enables the conversion of solar power to electricity at ease and economic.

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