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Although laptops are portable, you get more upgrade options with the desktop. They can accommodate more memory, processing chips and larger hard drives. With a desktop, you can also add specialized components, such as an advanced 3D video card for gaming purpose. Basically, you can customize your desktop the way you want it to be.

Desktop types

Tower desktops:

More often than not, for desktops, you must be used to the regular tower and monitor setup. The tower desktop which is the cabinet-looking type where the power supply, mother board, main storage device, and other components are stacked on top each other will have to be paired with a monitor and so consume a lot of space.

All in one desktops:

All-in-one PC: If you're short on space, or just prefer something a little more aesthetically pleasing. An all in one PC would do. An all in one PC (AIO) integrates the computer case and system components into the monitor so that the entire PC is one unit. They are generally, easier to set up and easier on the eyes than a traditional desktop. All-in-ones come with a keyboard and mouse, and many are also equipped with a touch-screen display.

Smart display:

Plug it into a full-fledged desktop and it's a touch-screen monitor. Unplug it, and the Android mobile operating system, battery power and built-in Wi-Fi offer a fully portable, tablet-like experience, great for gaming and apps.

Compact desktop:

A good middle-ground solution If you're caught between aesthetic and performance considerations. Essentially a traditional desktop packed into a smaller, slimmer chassis. Some include solid-state drives and/or quiet cooling mechanisms, adding to their ability to hide amidst their surroundings.

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