Schedule Your Emails with Gmail

Schedule Your Emails with Gmail

It can be quite a hard task remembering to send a mail at a certain time when you just might be swamped with other activities at that time.

Well Gmail is here to save you the stress with a new mail scheduling feature that helps you with scheduling mails for a specific day and time. So you won’t have to type and draft on Friday night and pray to God to remember to send it 8 a.m. Monday morning. The good news is, it works both on desktop and mobile.

Here’s how

How to schedule mails with Gmail on Desktop;

First of all, you must have composed the mail and put all necessary attachments if any

  • Just by the send button is a dropdown arrow (you can’t miss it)
  • Click the arrow and click the only option it gives which is “Schedule send”
  • A menu will appear that lets you choose the date and time you want the email to be sent
  • Select your preferred date and time then click ‘schedule send”
  • A message box appears telling you your selection and you can undo if you’ve made a mistake.

How to schedule mails with Gmail on Desktop;

  • After composing your message, click the three dots just beside the send arrow on your mobile
  • From the options, tap “schedule send”, “pick date & time”
  • Choose your preferred date and time then tap “schedule send”

Now, you might be wondering ‘what if I need to change the time or edit the mail?’ don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Go to the menu on the left side of your device and click on “Scheduled”

Choose the mail you would like to edit or delete and select ‘cancel send’.

If you need to make edits, a draft will appear where you can make the edits then repeat the schedule process above.